About the New York State Association of Day Service Providers 
The vision of the New York State Association of Day Service Providers is to help provider members develop quality community-based, vocational, volunteer, educational, and social activities that maximizes each participants personal growth and enriches their life experience. This is acheived through inter-agency collaboration, advocacy, training, and innovation. 

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2022-2023 NYSADSP Board Members

Pictured left to right back row: Jean Chelius, Assistant Director-Long Island, Jen Cole, Assistant Director - Central East, Bruce Drake, President, Avery Valins, Treasurer, Michael Kaplan, Secretary. 
Pictured left to right middle row: James Beaumont, Regional Director - Central West, Heather Zeiner, Social Media/IT, Christina Abbinanti, Membership, Nancy Champlin, By Laws/Nominations, Mandy Boyd, Assistant Director - Central West, Lindsey Rosenberg, Regional Director - West, Mark Nace, Regional Director - Southeast
Pictured left to right front row: Kelly Byrne, Regional Director - Long Island, Wendy Schoenfeld, Assistant Director - New York City, Karen Gandolfo, Regional Director - Central East
Not Pictured: Dalinda Caceres, Regional Director - New York City, Mike Zazzara, Assistant Director - West